Gabbin' with Gabby

A podcast about the good, the bad, and the real.

About the show

Real conversations with Real People. A podcast where we gab about the good, the bad, and the real. There will be an episode for all audiences.


  • Unsolicited

    February 23rd, 2021  |  1 hr 1 min

    The girls talk about their experiences with getting cheated on. Day drinking is always a great idea, especially when talking about unsolicited photos.

  • 21 In Nashville

    February 10th, 2021  |  1 hr 2 mins

    Tahnee and Gabby dive into some of their best travel stories, where Gabby meets a guy in Nashville and Tahnee loses her Louis Vuitton

  • Online dating and Situationships

    January 13th, 2021  |  1 hr 15 mins

    In this episode we dive in about the good and the bad of online dating, our worst dates and how situationships are always messy

  • Adventures of Shawna and Gab

    December 22nd, 2020  |  1 hr 3 mins
    awareness, female voices, pageants

    Gabby Gabs with Shawna